Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a technology rental?

A technology rental just like a car rental or a furniture rental, except we solely rent A/V and technology products. You get billed per day, and there are special pricing options for long-term rentals.

How does a tech rental work?

We've streamlined the renting process to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible. You can book a rental over the phone, at which point we take your billing info for reservation. On the day of the event, a friendly and professional technician will arrive to completely set-up and test your rented equipment. Once your event is complete, we will bill you for the agreed-upon amount.

Is there a cancellation/modification fee?

We try to make bookings as flexible as possible; however, bookings that are cancelled or modified without notice or within 24hrs of the event will be billed in full. You may request to waive your cancellation fee for an additional charge upon booking. Simply notify our booking agent when scheduling your rental with us.

What if the equipment I rented stops working during my event?

As a technology company, we ensure that all of our equipment is in proper working order before being delivered to you. However, we cannot always anticipate an equipment failure. As a TRA customer, you are assigned a professional technician to set-up and test your equipment. You will also receive this persons phone number, which you will use to contact him/her in the event of an equipment failure. Your technician will then promptly come to your location to exchange the broken equipment with a working substitute.

I don't see the equipment that I am looking for on your website?

At TRA, we do our absolute best to accomodate any need. If you do not see equipment that you are looking to rent, please call us at 1-518-452-8450. Chances are we either have or can connect you to the equipment you need!

Why choose TRA?

TRA has been in business for over 30 years. With us, you not only receive quality equipment, but quality service as well. Our friendly technicians act as your personal concierge to ensure that the technology you have rented is set up to your standards during your event- nothing less. There is no worry about being "left in the dark" with your equipment, as you will have peace of mind knowing you can call your technician at any time to ask questions and receive help. To top it off, our delivery and setup isn't just some courrier dropping stuff off. It's where we execute on your vision for the event, while building a warm relationship that you can count on throughout the duration of your rental and beyond.

How do I book?

Booking is easy! Simply call us at 1-518-452-8450, or email us via the form on our homepage. Our agent will listen to your needs and book the right technology for your event. Then you will get a confirmation of your booking, at which point you can kick back and relax! A dedicated technician will be assigned to you and dispatched on the day of your event.

I'm not in your service area. Can I still book a rental?

Absolutely. Although we do not encourage small rental bookings to request their job outside of our service area, larger bookings may request a rental outside of the area above. However, jobs that are further out of the radius will be billed accordingly.

I'm outside of your service area, but want to rent something for an extended period of time. Is that possible?

With TRA, anything is possible. We have the capabilities to ship select items anywhere in the continental U.S. Shipped items are billed for a minimum rental period of one (1) week. Shipped items include sturdy packaging, set-up and operating instructions plus a pre-paid return label. You will also have access to our technical support hotline.

TRA Data Compliance Policy

This data compliance policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how we handle data that is stored on rented personal computer systems.

How do we handle data that is put on a rented piece of equipment?

Any personal data that remains on a computer device after a rental is returned will be destroyed. This includes documents, images, recycle bin items, spreadsheets, and any other data that is not part of the Operating System.

How do we pre-load devices with requested software or data?

Upon request, we may pre-load a computer with files that you provide to us. These files are transmitted from you to us through email, and then placed on the rented computer. We are not responsible for any data-breaches that may compromise transmitted files. Transmitted files are only stored temporarily so that we may transfer them to your rented device.
You may also request to have certain software pre-installed before the date of your rental. This includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Reader, Firefox, and more. Simply include the software name in your request and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

High-Security Rentals

We understand that some rentals will require upmost data-security and destruction methods. We are pleased to offer high-security rentals that put privacy and data-security first.

What is a high-security rental?

A high-security rental is one in which any and all data on the device must be erased according to DoD (Dept. of Defense) standards upon return of the device. High-security rental items also include premium, commercial-grade security software.

Who can request a high-security rental?

Anyone can request a high-security rental. However, the most common industries are Pharmaceutical, Government, Education, and Private Contractors.

What is the cost for a high-security rental?

High-security rental items are billed the same as a traditional rental. However, a flat-fee applies for each high-security item.

Still have a question for us?

We'd love to answer it. Call us at 1-518-452-8450, or email us via the form on our homepage. An agent will respond to your request as soon as possible!